Beyond politics, poverty and war

Futurist Jacques Fresco gave a lecture at Concordia to discuss world issues

By: Alexandra Giubelli

Futurist Jacques Fresco stopped by for his World Tour lecture about the Venus Project last Saturday at the BMO amphitheatre of the John-Molson Building at Concordia University.

The Venus project was founded by Jacques Fresco and Roxanne Meadows. It’s a new direction for humanities to take; it’s a redesign of our culture.

The project is actively engaged in the research, development and application of workable solutions using science and technology, where the two would be able to co-exist with nature on a long-term basis. Furthermore, a change from our current monetary system to a resources base system, where the resources would become the heritage of all humans on earth.

The conference started with a small introduction by Yan Beaucage, President and Founder of E.I.P Mondial. It was held in a crowded theatre, filled with a variety of people.

E.I.P Mondial is a group of businesspeople who are trying to give a new view on our society with financial ease to members and future generations.

“Politicians are stupid beyond measure. They’re being asked all the time, ‘what do you think? What do you think?’ What do you know is the real question we should ask them. They don’t know anything,” Fresco said.

A video was shown afterwards explaining what the Venus project was, but had to be stopped mid-way due to some technical difficulties.

“Things aren’t working well for our people and the environment. If it was poverty, war and crime it would have been solved long ago,” Meadows said about politics and the use of new technology.

She explained that what they were proposing was different for communism, fascism and socialism and that it was something­­ completely new.

“No need for an army in our resource based system. They could go back to school and be taught how to be problem solvers, not killing machines,” Meadows explained. “We understand that criminals are filling our jails and are the results that we need money.”

After finishing her presentation, she let Fresco continue. “The future you’re living in today will be a horror movie in the future,” Fresco said.

“Where do you think America got its land from? The Indians didn’t say ‘come on, settle down and let’s all live together.’ No, we killed thousands of them for that land,” he explained.

Fresco also talked about personal experiences, for example how he joined a Ku Klux Klan club when he was in the South of the United States and that he succeeded in disolving it in a month and a half.

“If you were raised in Germany, you’d be a Nazi. That’s all you would have seen and known. It’s the same thing today. There’s no wrong, right or genius people, just people raised and shaped by different circumstances.”

Several questions were asked, if they had found a location, or started on their new cities and what was to come from now.

Meadows explained that they’ve been working on a motion picture that would show what life would be like in their economy, with flashbacks of how life was before. The script is almost done and they are now looking for a director to produce it.

Fresco and Meadows received a commemorative plate all made by hand from Zeitgeist Montreal and E.I.P. Mondial, a souvenir for their tour in Montreal.

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