Saving Abel is just like every other whiney rock band

By Maya Malkin

Saving Abel’s new album Miss America is a loud rock, 11 track CD, that most people will not remember in a year from now.

The bandleader Jared Weeks on vocals, and guitarist, Jason Null grew up in Corinth Mississippi where they left their previous bands to form their own group; Saving Abel. Other members include Scott Bartlett, on guitar and backing vocals, Eric Taylor on bass and Blake Dixon on drums.

Their previous album titled, Saving Abel was produced by Skidd Mills and it’s most successful track, Addicted, made it’s way on to mainstream radio.

The bands newest CD release, Miss America, is a mix of Nickelback and Three Days Grace. The lyrics and vocals verge on the tacky side, and most of the melodies are unoriginal, and unexciting. All 11 songs are very generic and do not stand out from most loud rock these days. However, the boys of Saving Abel are talented at creating this style of music. Unoriginal rock is still something that is well paid, widely broadcasted and listened to.

The album lacks personality, and therefore is hard to connect with. Every song is loud and almost annoying, with lyrics that are cringe worthy and embarrassing. The fourth tack titled, “The Sex Is Good,” is a horny song that covers the concept of staying in a relationship for sex solely. The sixth track, “I’m Still Alive,” is about how harsh life is and how bitter it makes Jared Weeks, to wake up every day and still be alive. The eighth track, “Angel Without Wings,” is a tacky love song where the reference to his true love is in comparison to an angel.

This album is forgettable and sounds too much like songs that already exist. The band is signed with Virgin Records and so far seems to be successful, so obviously a good amount of people are interested. Saving Abel hasn’t changed much from their previous album, but at least they are keeping their fans content.


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