By: Ashley Couillard and Tyler Finigan

The Dawson elevators and escalators:

Why is it that they are always packed with people and when they aren’t packed with people they’re broken or don’t work 90% of the time.

Has anyone noticed how long it takes to go up to the seventh floor with the elevators. Holy fuck. You’ll be waiting at the fifth floor and it’ll come but then it’ll be so full that you won’t be able to get on it and so you wait for the next one but by that time it’s already been five minutes… so by then you’re probably already late for class.

The next elevator comes and you try to squeeze in and so does everyone else and it’s so packed that you don’t want to be there.  You’re so close to your neighbour that you can smell their extremely strong perfume or cologne and it makes you want to puke. Or the worse is when you’re next to someone who hasn’t showered and their stench just goes all over you. So to avoid that most of the time I usually end up giving up on the elevator and use the stairs. While you walk up the steps and get to the seventh floor you’re all out of breath dead tired and you just don’t want to go to class but since you went through all that effort you might as well just go. ­­­

The escalators, lets see. Don’t you hate it how at least once a week there
will be an escalator that won’t work. Whether it’s the one from the lower atrium or the one going up to the fourth floor. It gets so annoying. First of all people who just come off the first elevator should move their ass’s out of the way and go towards the back of the crowd and not just wait at the top to get on the second escalator because then that trails the whole group of people coming up from the atrium.

We get stuck walking all over people feet because you won’t move your butt. Then they stop the first escalators and it becomes a whole mess where people who are extremely tired are forced to walk up the escalators and if you haven’t noticed walking up escalators isn’t the easiest thing ever. Then you see people walking up the stairs and they get in the way of people going  down the stairs and it just doesn’t work out. So for the love of God people please be reasonable and move out of the way so they escalators work properly.

About the escalators going to the fourth, floor why on earth would someone stop them. There’s absolutely no reason to turn them off. Apart from the escalator going to the fifth floor it’s one of the least used escalators. Not many people use them so there’s no need for them to not work, so whoever turns them off stop it. You’re stupid for doing so.


If it weren’t for me having a enviromental conscience I would not take the fucking bus. You know those ass holes who sit at the edge of the seat so that you have to fucking ask permission to sit down! Or people who talk like they’re talking to their deaf ass granparents through a paper towel. Those idiots talk so loud that my fist attracts their face. People can be so obnoxious on the bus that beating should be legal. I swear I will start beating my child if it starts swearing at me through its blackberry then yelling “shut up!” every five seconds when they read their friends statuses.

Then while you are busy standing up holding onto those stupid fruit by the foot handles so that you can keep your balance, the bus driver pulls a 75 degree turn just to make a red light. Bus divers might have a hell of a job and I know for a fact that moving that giant turd around like a normal vehicule is pretty difficult but how about we hire some actual licenced drivers instead of the in-bred child of Luke and Bo Duke.


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  1. yeah my dad will like this

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