By: Dahlia Belinsky

Facebook is now launching the service “Places” in the UK. “Places” allows the user to check in where they’ve been, such as restaurants, hotels, schools, basically anywhere. It also allows them to see which of their friends have been to the same locations. There are privacy settings that let people decide who can view the places the’ve been. Privacy settings never stopped any good Facebook lurker. With this and Google Maps, what stalker even needs to leave the house?

Russia will be selling Syria anti-ship cruise missiles, despite both the US and Israel asking that they do not go through with the transaction. Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, told Putin that the missiles could end up in Hezbollah’s possession. However, Russia does not believe that the weapons will be in possession of any terrorist groups. They should trust Russia’s decisions, they aren’t too prone to making bad decisions or anything *cough*STALIN*cough.*

Russell Brand was arrested after assaulting a photographer. He paid his bail of $20 000 and is back on track to making his next film. He can pay for bail, but apparently he can’t buy a haircut or a bar of soap.


British Petroleum finally sealed the leak of the oil that’s been spilling into the Gulf of Mexico. Was it sealed by the unfounded optimism of the government that the oil is degrading quickly? Or was it sealed by all the animals floating around covered in oil?

A false tsunami warning drill was played in the same region where the Indian Ocean Tsunami took place in 2004. The Thai government apologized, but said that no one should be fired, it was simply a technical accident. It’s not like 226,000 people died when there was a Tsunami in that region six years ago, calm down.

Yahoo is trying to re-vamp its website and become the number one search engine. There will be fresh new layouts and a faster system to entice people to use Yahoo. They’re even in the process of creating an application for the iPad. Chief products officer, Blake Irving, said he thinks in the next 15 years more than half of users will be accessing Yahoo through mobile devices. Too bad Google is already doing that now.

Researchers from New York’s University of Rochester found that games like Call of Duty can improve your ability to make decisions. The study involved 13 people playing “Sims 2” and the other 13 playing “Call of Duty” or “Unreal Tournament” for 50 hours. Afterwards they were given tests such as figuring out which ear they were hearing noises from. If “Call of Duty” makes you better at making decisions, why don’t any of them decide to leave the house?


A car club in Hell, Michigan, is trying to break the record for the longest procession of funeral cars. They need a minimum of 50 hearses to break the record. The city is already called Hell, why would they choose a death procession as a record to break?


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