Lacrosse Team coming together

Lacrosse team starts the season 0-2 but begins to show good progress

By Chris Pike

Dawson’s Men’s Lacrosse team played their second game of the season last Saturday against the John Abbott Islanders.

The Blues lost by a score of 13-8, but neither the coaches or the players were still happy with the result.

During Dawson’s pre-game warm up head coach Dan Brouillette said he was “looking for a lot more scoring in this game.” “We’re also going to be looking for the guys to control the ball better and win a lot more faceoffs,” assistant coach Kyle Peterdy said.

Dawson started the game off well, keeping the ball in their possession and in Abbott’s offensive zone, but they couldn’t manage to get any good chances and the Islanders Bragant scored on a quick counter attack.

Abbott continued their scoring with another goal from Bragant, sending the ball to the bottom left corner. The Blues called a time-out soon after looking to regroup after going down 2-0 so early in the game.

The time-out seemed to work, as the Blues were able to regain possession, make good passes around the Islander’s goal and even draw a few penalties from their frustrated opponents. Dawson immediately took advantage of being a man up and captain Olivier Charbonneau scored, rifling the ball to the top corner of the John Abbott net.

Dawson went on another powerplay soon after and again Charbonneau was there to bury the ball in the back of the goal tying the game at two apiece.
Unfortunately this didn’t last long with Jones scoring and Dawson taking a slashing penalty resulting in another goal by Bragant. The score was now 4-2.

Dawson continued to take penalty after penalty with four slashing calls in the first quarter alone. Being on the penalty kill prevented Dawson from ever controlling the flow of the game.

The second quarter started with Dawson just coming out of the penalty box. John Abbott continued where they had left off, keeping possession out of their zone, taking good shots and completing their passes.

Luckily Dawson’s goalkeeper, Brandon Bordeaux, was there to stop the barrage of shots John Abbott was able to pull off, making save after save, even taking a few shots off his jock. John Abbott was only able to score once in their assault on the Blues, making the score 5-2 in favor of the Islanders.

Dawson gave up another goal from the Islanders’ Keagan Murphy, but were able to march down the field and get one back. The goal came from Dawson’s Eric Anderson who scooped up a loose ball and put it in the net.

Dawson looked like they were about to change the pace of the game as they were able to push John Abbott out to the sides of their zone and make them miss what few shots they were taking. That was, until Dawson’s Karl Lalonde turned the ball over and Bragant scored once more.

Lalonde redeemed himself though, stopping Abbott’s attack on their next three chances. The second half of the game started quite well for the Blues as Charbonneau scored his third goal of the game. Sadly the Islanders were able to seize control of the game scoring three goals, making the score 10-4.

Anderson was able to score a great shot to the bottom right corner off a great pass from Charbonneau ending the third quarter. The Blues seemed to take one step forward and two steps back all game, and were unable to take the momentum going into the fourth quarter. John Abbott scored three consecutive goals and were now up by eight goals.

The Blues refused to give up and they mounted a late game comeback with Anderson and Charbonneau hooking up for two goals and Brian Galbraith providing a third.

The Blues defense also tightened up letting very few shots get passed them but it was too little, too late as the game ended 13-8.

“We dug ourselves into a hole with penalties,” agreed both Brouillette and Peterdy, “But we were happy to see that the things in practice are sinking in.”
“Compared to our last game we were able to circulate the ball more,” said Cody Ryan, who was taken out of the game with a wrist injury, “Our team chemistry is also getting better and I can’t wait to see how we do later on in the season.”

The Blues play their next game against Brébeuf this Sunday at Brébeuf at 10:30 a.m.


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