Dawson’s finest

By Maya Malkin

Most of the men at Dawson have been good this week. There is honestly nothing for me to complain about. Well, I’m sure there are lots of things I could complain about, but I feel positively towards them today.

Perhaps it’s because I’m in Cinema, and I’m surrounded by the very finest that Dawson has to offer. Maybe it’s because I’m in The Plant, and the guys are quite kind. I could also just be in a good mood but I feel at ease with Dawson men this week.

Of course I do have something to say, but it’s a repeat of my very first column. I’m talking about the man with the slicked back hair that stands in the atrium and compliments every girl who he finds attractive.

He came to the office to complain about what I wrote about him, and said he would write a reply, which I have yet to read. He told me that I was wrong, he wasn’t just complimenting every girl, he was only complimenting the ones he found pretty, to make them feel good.

So I apologize for assuming your intentions were for personal benefit and being harsh, but I also want you to understand that this is how you come across to a lot of girls in the school. We see you in the atrium all semester long, saying different things to different girls. Obviously we’re going to roll our eyes when you say something about us.

Thanks for the compliment but it doesn’t mean much from you anymore. The meaning is diminished by the hundreds of times you say it all semester, and you can’t tell me that that’s wrong, because it’s how I feel. Continue if you think you make girls feel good, and maybe you do, but I’m not one of them. Once again, my apologies and good luck with the other women at Dawson.

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