We Don’t Stand A Chance by AM Taxi

By Ashley Couillard

On June 8, AM Taxi released their upbeat, yet raw debut album We Don’t Stand A Chance.

This Chicago band was formed just two years ago with singer/song writer Adam Krier, drummer Chris Smith and bassist Jason Schultejann.

For a band that hasn’t been together for long, they do know how to capture rhythm and create catchy songs.  Their uniqueness is revealed from the first song on their CD, titled “Dead Street.” The band wanted to keep their originality and realism and succeeded in doing so. The music is filled with the imperfect quality of the power chords and with the fluctuating of notes created by the vocalist.

The album features an array of musical techniques, but the one track that captures the essence of their pop punk roots is the song “Champagne Toast.” Its pace is different than any of the other songs. It starts out with an acoustic guitar plucking softly then Krier’s voice comes in. He keeps the same pace until the chorus, where the song picks up and the addictive lyrics lock themselves with the drums.

Krier’s voice seems generic during the first few listens, but his vocals are pushed forward by the bands rhythm and drum section. The guitar in most songs act like a second voice to Krier’s, matching every note as well as accenting it when need be.

In the song “The Mistake” the glitchy rhythm gives it an excitement making it original and fun to listen to. Towards the ending the singer has an intimate section with the keyboard then its right back into the beat, where it picks up for the last 30 seconds and ends off with a trippy keyboard ending.

They categorize themselves as a mixture of pop and punk, but they also add a twist of romance with deep, powerful and emotionally packed lyrics that can easily capture anyone attention. They do however mix their songs with popular music such as The Clash or Bruce Springsteen, but they add in their own mix. Their ideas come from other talented musicians who inspired this group.

You’ll either love them or hate them. For these guys there’s no in between.

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