Triple storms threaten Eastern coast

Hurricanes Igor, Julia and Karl cause panic and destruction

By: Gabe Gilker

For the past week Mexico has been pummeled by hurricanes Igor, Julia and Karl, leaving 25 people dead and another one million people injured and displaced.

Last Wednesday, both Hurricane Igor and Hurricane Julia were classified as category four storms, the first time in a decade that two storms of this power have been recorded simultaneously.

By Friday all three of the hurricanes had weakened. Hurricane Karl, which had been re-classified as a tropical storm as it hit land on Friday, is expected to downgrade even further the more inland it moves.

Karl had been the most hazardous of the three hurricanes, leaving 62 municipalities in Veracruz in a state of emergency, according to Mexico’s Interior Ministry.

The areas most affected by the storm are Veracruz, Boca del Rio, Cotaxtla, Medellin and Jamapa. Thousands of people were still awaiting rescue in these municipalities on Monday, many of them waiting on their roofs for aid.
As hurricane Igor hit Bermuda late on Sunday, the locals were driven into an unnecessary panic.

“Bermudians hurried to buy supplies,” said Mark Stearns, vice president of Masters Ltd., a home and garden store in the capital of Hamilton. “We’ve sold out of generators, tarpaulins, buckets, rope, screws, bottled water, coolers, even trash cans and plastic sheeting,” he said. “Anything people can use to secure their homes,” reported CBS News.

All of this concern and preparation was made in vain. Some trees were toppled and boats were washed ashore but the overall damage was minimal.
“It will just take some sweeping and raking to clean up,” Richard Simons said when surveying his property Monday morning, according to The Associated Press.

So far there have been no reports of deaths or injuries from Hurricane Igor, only flooding and debris on the streets.

Hurricane Igor is now moving North up the Eastern coast of the United States and Canada but it isn’t expected to hit land.

Newfoundland has issued a tropical storm threat for Igor, which hit the eastern coast of Canada on Tuesday.

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