SPACE filled with laughs

Uncalled for Comedy makes an apperance at the first SPACE event

By: Gabe Gilker

The Uncalled For Comedy troupe came back to Dawson  to deliver an evening full of laughs on Exploring Eureka Moments for the opening  night of Science Participating in Arts and Culture Education (SPACE) last Wednesday, Sept. 15.

The large crowd greeted the comedians enthusiastically for an hour long show of improvised moments all dedicated to the scientific moments of discovery.

Dan Jeannotte, Matt Goldberg and Kirsten Rasmussen gave the audience a well needed dosage of laughter, re-enacting moments such as when Isaac Newton discovered gravity, a fake press conference where the audience knew the subject matter while it remained completely unknown to the actor and other various skits of moments of realization related to science. “Everybody knows that science is the way to a girl’s heart,” Rasmussen stated as she played Isaac Newton. “E=MC….Bone me.”

Uncalled For Comedy troupe are not new to the area of science improv as some would expect, just last year they wrote a play entitled Today is All Your Birthday’s which centered around the space-time continuum.

“The best way to understand English is to learn another language,”Andrew Katz, one of the coordinators of the SPACE event said to summarise what SPACE is about. The discovery and education of your own field in ways you would never expect.

SPACE is an organization unique to Dawson. The idea behind it is that it is dedicated to exploring new teaching methods that compliments the traditional classroom approach to learning. Instead of strictly absorbing information given by a teacher SPACE encourages students to draw, sculpt, write or build anything that they think can help someone learn more about a topic that they wouldn’t have been interested in otherwise. It gives students the freedom to work on projects that are self-driven that they can share with peers from other disciplines.

SPACE asks the questions that we generally tend to overlook, such as: Where did this knowledge come from? Why are we learning this? Who made this knowledge? They try to delve deeper into the “big picture” questions.

Eureka moments, this year’s theme for SPACE, is a compilation of the struggles, failures, attempts and experimentations that eventually lead to a final polished product.

SPACE will be holding an exhibition in the Warren G. Flowers Gallery from Nov. 22-26. They are accepting submissions which can be based on anything, as long as they are created by students and show ideas and imagination.

“The show is mostly about trying to celebrate work in progress which is a main aspect of being a CEGEP student.” Katz stated.

You may submit your work through the SPACE link provided on the Dawson website.

If you want to go experience SPACE firsthand the next meeting will be on Sept. 29, at 6:00 p.m. in 5B.16 where mathematician and Dawson Teacher of the Year award winner Tom Fox will be giving a lecture given in style of the popular YouTube series Ted Talks.

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