Shooting game shot down

The video game based on the Dawson shooting was voluntarily taken down by the creator

By: Elise  Favis

As of last week, the online video game based on the Dawson College Shooting has voluntarily been removed.

Virtuaman, the creator of the game, deleted it off sites as of last Friday. He explained that it was inflicting hurt towards Anastasia De Sousa’s family, especially her mother. Anastasia was the sole student that died during the shooting of 2006, when Kimveer Gill entered the college fully armed.

The video game appeared online near the anniversary of the shooting, which is a delicate time for the college.

‘Take the role of Kimveer Gill and storm Dawson College with your favourite rifle! Kill those students and kill any cops you can!’ read a short description underneath the game.

Virtuaman wrote a public apology online, where he commented, “Game or not it has reached the family and they are of course upset. I hope in removing the game from the net I help them get over the game and the pain it has caused them.”

The video game created outrage amongst students. The Dawson Student Union (DSU) was the first to demand it to be deleted. They went immediately to the Westmount Police and filed a report, and although the police took the case, no charges were laid on the game creator.

“It’s creepy,” said Kayley Walsh, third semester Health Science student. “I don’t know why anyone would want to relive the shooting.”

The game received major publicity from national news and media. Virtuaman stated that when he first posted the game online, he “didn’t think the game would be popular enough to reach anyone that would be hurt by it.”

“I’m glad the game was taken off,” said Pure and Applied student Daniel Nastas. “It was offensive, and now it will affect less people.”

Virtuaman ends with a direct apology to the De Sousa family, “I just want to say sorry to the victim’s family, I hope you can move on and put this behind yourselves.”


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