The Dawson Theatre collective have started planning their next production

By: Jamie Floyd

Dawson’s theatre collective (DTC) club held its first meeting of the semester discussing future plans as well as goals, last Wednesday, in 5B.13.

“The DTC is about giving kids who are theatre starved the opportunity to do it all again,” said Ann Lambert, head of the DTC.

It’s a group for students who aren’t in the Professional Theatre program but who acted in high school and wish to pursue it in college, echoed Lambert.

The focus is on plays, such as last semesters A Midsummer Night’s Kickass Dream. Every year, there is one play that is casted in November and performed in the spring. The entire show is organized and produced by students, Lambert and a couple faculty members.

The students who participate can become actors, costume designers, set designers and so forth, with an emphasis on the actors. “We try to match you as much as possible to the role you want… in the past, we’ve put every person who’s wanted to be on stage, on stage and even those who haven’t,” Lambert said.

One of the few rules that are emphasized by the DTC is hard work. “We don’t care about your experiences, what we care about is how hard you work on the show,” Lambert said.

This semester, the DTC has recruited new members, one of them is Christian who joined because of her love for acting. “I heard about the DTC randomly, I didn’t know what to expect before I saw A Midsummer Night’s Kickass Dream but I really liked it. After high school, I stopped acting for a particular reason and this year I was like you know what, I have one year left, so might as well do something I love,” Christian said.

The play for this year has yet to be decided along with other major details but students who are interested in joining can speak with Lambert.


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