Music for homeless pets at Il Motore

Bud Rice and Maya Malkin, Cab, Nightwood and Divingbell bring pleasure to the ear at Il Motore for 11-11 Animal Rescue

By Gabe Gilker

Last Saturday, September 18, Bud Rice and Maya Malkin, Cab, Nightwood and Divingbell all gathered to play at Il Motore for the the Anniversary Party benefit concert for 11-11 Animal Rescue.

At 9:30 p.m. Bud Rice, a Dawson graduate, and Maya Malkin, a third semester Cin/Vid/Com student, took to the stage, kicking off the night for the kitties, filling the air with vibrations of guitar and vocals gently combined. For their half hour set, they gave the crowd chills with their folk-like music and haunting voices.

Next up on the stage was Jonathan Tully on the stand up bass and Charles Barrington on guitar and harmonica, forming the folk/country group Cab. The blunt and honest lyrics coupled with the deep and resonating stand up bass shook the room. Their harmonies and choice of instruments gave an odd southern feel to the night.

As the band mused out loud about life, the crowd shook to their relentless beats making it the most original set of the night. Tully’s picking and bowing accented the songs and gave them a sultry southern vibe that was like a breath of warm air.

The room was slowly gathering a decent crowd and at 10:45 p.m., with approximately 50 people in the room, Nightwood took to the stage.

Driving their punk rock into the ear drums of their listeners, while forcing everyone into a state of hyperawareness, Erin Ross and Amber Goodwyn stole the night with their fast paced riffs and skilled finger picking. Jeremy MacCuish backed the two powerful ladies with his intense drumming.

“We’ve been together for a long time; since high school,” said Ross.  “We started off playing in coffee houses and at Dawson. We used to rock out in Oliver’s and the new school hallway.” “We also used to play at a bunch of venues that don’t exist anymore.” Goodwyn added.

The two 28-year-old girls’ music sounded like the earlier works of the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s laced with the intensity of a grunge band held together with the duct tape of punk-rock.

Last, but not least, Divingbell took to the stage at 11:30 p.m. The manly trio consisting of Eddy Franco, Casey Brown, Daniel Tremblay, all donning animal ears, whipped straight away into a hot mess of pop-rock-electronica. As the drums pounded away at high speeds, the guitarists accented the songs with interesting power chords and riffs. The show finished a bit after midnight.

All profits from the show went to the 11-11 Animal Rescue. 11-11 is a non-profit organization that is a foster-based, meaning they have no actual shelter. They deal with animals that are on their last chance. Usually for animals that have 10 to 12 hours left to live. Caroline Ross, the founder, and Hannah Rice are trying to get a younger crowd of people interested in animal rescue.

“I feel like animal rescue is mostly in the hands of crazy cat ladies,” said Ross. “But I what about the next generation? We’re trying to get younger people involved and also educate people about animal rescue. We deal with a lot of last minute cases so usually it’s a mad rush to find where we can get money. Most of our money goes toward medical bills for the animals.”

11-11 has bi-monthly benefit concerts. The next one will be in January at Sala Rosa with six bands who have yet to be announced.

They also have a clothing line where all profits go toward the rescue. Donations are also accepted online, anytime. You can find both online at:

For more music to your ears:


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