Medicine world anybody?

An opportunity for aspiring doctors to get a look into the world of medicine

By: Dahlia Belinsky

Mini Med, an event available for anyone who has an interest in science and medicine even if they are not in a science program will begin its sixth year at the Montreal’s Children Hospital on Oct. 5 and students are encouraged to start signing up.

Mini Med is an opportunity for high school and CEGEP students to get a personal look at what it is like to attend med school.

“The goal is to educate […] young adults about health care issues to make them better health consumers.” Lisa Dutton, Manager, Public Relations and Communications for the Montreal Children’s Hospital said.

“The enthusiasm shown by students last year contributed to Club Med’s decision to continue to offer the program this year.” Ariel Charney Chairperson of the Dawson Student Union (DSU) said.

The seminars are a “way to see how the sciences [students] [are] learning in school, could be applied to everyday life,” Charney said, who had previously attended the event.

“The doctors’ presentations represented a wide variety of fields that one can explore with medicine, some of which we sometimes don’t even consider,” Yasmin Cokay, third semester Health Sciences said.

One of the main reasons why students want to sign up is to “use it on their CVs as evidence of their passion for the field,” explained Dutton. “Mini Med is serving the added bonus of helping these students prepare for a health care profession.”

The first seminar will be on Oct. 5 and begins at 7 p.m. The first hour will be for registration and course handouts. Afterwards, the first speaker will be Roderick McInnes, MD who will be discussing genetics and the future of medicine.

Students can sign up through Club Med or directly through the hospital. There are pamphlets available at the information desk at the Children’s Hospital. For full-time students there is a $40 fee and space is limited.

One response to “Medicine world anybody?

  1. Jean-Pierre Mongeau

    Very interesting article. You should point out that the English is already sold out.

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