Concordia Eats

Concordia held a food festival for students to encourage healthy and local foods

By: Rebecca Phaneuf- Thibault

In order to celebrate healthy and local foods, Concordia held an all-day outdoor sustainable food festival on Wednesday Sept. 15.

This event brought together restaurants, farmers, stores, community/university organizations, musicians and was offered to everyone. “The main objective of this festival is to encourage people to think about where our food comes from, who grows it, what is in it, and its impact on the environment and communities.”

“Ultimately, the festival is centered around improving access to sustainable and healthful food choices as well as resource and knowledge sharing. Furthermore, we want to link the Montreal community members who are already participating in these kinds of choices together.” Kim Fox, event organizer said.

To do so, there were a multitude of workshops offered all throughout the day. They were each an hour long, offered free of charge. They revolved around two categories. First being ways of exploring healthy eating and discussing the emotional, physical, environmental, political, and spiritual benefits of doing so.

The second was about DIY food-related skills such as making self-watering containers, learning about herbal tea and how to cut, dry, drink, and plant it, learning how to grow sprouts, how to make seed balls, how to compost, how to make Gnocchi, how to preserve foods by canning them, and how to save and preserve tomato seeds.

“I love the open atmosphere. There’s a really welcoming vibe,” said Anne Tremblay who was enjoying the festivities last week. There was also music at the event. Food wasn’t the only thing that they tried to keep local, the bands were as well. “It’s great that they are giving local talent a platform to perform,” Louis Stein, third semester Dawson International Business student and musician said.

Other bands that played included, DJ Marcus & MC Jerimiah, The Lovely Jane Beach, Uber-Talent Dave Macleod, The Infamous American Barr Bros., Nick Prescott, Kurt Chaboyer, Tassels, Bent by Elephants, Guy Beaujolais, and DJ Spoony Bee.

“It’s such a great initiative on Concordia’s part, the workshops were so interesting. It’s a shame I couldn’t make all of them. I really hope they make this a yearly thing,” Matrina Hunter, first year Concordia Communication student said.

“Tell me what you eat and I’ll tell you who you are”—Anthelme Brillat-Savarin.


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