You are the DSU

The DSU announced the three newest members of the Finance Committee

By Beatrice Broderick-Auger

On Monday Sept. 13, the Dawson Student Union (DSU) publicly announced the names of the three students who will be sitting on this year’s Finance Committee, Leo Fugazza, Anna Bronshteyn and Benjamin Laschiazza.

The DSU is formed of nine executives, which were elected last March. There are four of these committees, and are open to any Dawson student member. “You’re a member, I’m a member, the guy across the hall is a member,” said Amanda Arella, Deputy Chairperson of the DSU, when defining who belongs to the DSU. If you are a current fee-paying student, you are eligible to sit on one of these four committees.

The committees that are open to all Dawson students include: the Campaign, Events, Humanitarian Aid and the Environment committee. Any student who wants to be actively involved in one of the above organizations can drop by the DSU office (2F.2) to obtain more information. There are no limits to the number of places available.

However, the Finance Committee only accepts four members in order to ensure the funds are carefully monitored.

“Are you full of big ideas? Do you want to help Dawson rock? The DSU allocates $20,000 a year for special project funding, that is of benefit to the greater Dawson community,” as stated in the Dawson agenda. The Finance Committee reviews all the Special Project Applications Forms and allocates a budget to the projects.

If you want to apply for an event taking place before October 30 you must fill in the paper work by Sept. 20. An event taking place after Nov. 1needs to be submitted by Oct. 20. For a project happening after Feb. first the paperwork needs to be handed in at the latest Jan. 20 and finally all projects happening after April 1 should be droped off by March 20.

Michael Lessard, Treasurer of the Dawson Finance Committee affirmed that “Everybody gets the same vote value,” Michael Lessard, Treasurer of the Dawson Finance Committee said, “it represents students while thinking what would be beneficial to them.”

Lessard confirmed that this is a new experience for most of the new members. Nevertheless, he is excited to work with a new team.


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