Vilify and Construct Inverviewed

By Gabe Gilker

Dubstep originated in the U.K. roughly a decade ago and, over the past couple of years, has been spreading through North America, gathering a cult-like following that has been expanding faster than anyone expected.
Here in Montreal, Koi’s resident DJs Vilify and Construct Share their experience of the scene.

What is dubstep to you?

CONSTRUCT: Dubstep is a type of music that’s been spreading worldwide. Usually going around 130-140 bpm. But it mainly focuses on the bassline. The bassline is the core value of the music.
VILIFY: To me, all genres of music are a combination of other elements. Since dubstep is coming out of a reggae environment, I like to take that and then add other elements such as metal or opera with it.

Where do you draw your inspiration?

CONSTRUCT: What inspires me? I love to perform. I love showcasing and sharing my music. This is the kind of music that got me dancing in my house and I just really like sharing it with people.

What do you see for yourself in the future?

VILIFY: Well the music industry isn’t stable at all, but I am going to continue pouring my heart and soul into it. There’s still so much I feel like I haven’t done yet. I want to get into production and I’m also focusing on my singing. I like to have fun with it and to see where it can take me.

VILIFY: Both my parents, definitely. I grew up in a very musical environment; my dad sings opera and my mom plays the violin. They’re just so supportive. Even if it’s not classical music, they still support me in following my dreams.

What about after?

VILIFY: Well I did go to university in Halifax where I did my International Development Studies. So when I’m done here and with the music, I’d like to go overseas and help building houses and stuff.

What’s the average crowd like at your shows?

CONSTRUCT: Potheads, ravers… it’s generally young people in Montreal, around 18-30-ish. And a lot of girls. *haha* Which is good, because you know, if a lot of girls come, then they get the guys to come and yeah… a lot of girls.
VILIFY: It’s a pretty young crowd. I love that. Everyone’s so enthusiastic, because they haven’t been on the scene for too long. It’s a very eclectic group.

What’s your favourite thing about this music?

CONSTRUCT: What I like about dubstep is that it can be a vessel between the kick and the snare it can be anything. It can be hectic and fast paced, or you can get right down to that empty sounding dub-reggae. You can even go for that ‘Purple Sound.’ Purple is that lush sound, the Joker sounds, like outer space.

Would you say dubstep is changing? If so where is it going?

VILIFY: Dubstep is going in a million new directions. It’s naïve to say it’ll stay the same. It’s not clear what direction it’s taking, but there is definitely a big change is coming.

How do you deal with the junkies/groupies/annoying people at your shows?

CONSTRUCT: You just have to smile and be happy. There have been one or two incidents where people tried to get in my way of performing, but all you really have to do is decoy them with a shining light and be like “What’s that over there?!” But I’m grateful for the fans. I really encourage the screaming and dancing.
VILIFY: It’s hard, because I like being nice to everyone and sometimes there will be these guys who get too close, but, you know, I have my own guys who will step in and tell them to back off. But it does mean a lot to hear that praise.


2 responses to “Vilify and Construct Inverviewed

  1. Thanks for the interview !!!

    I’d just like to mention, that start September 29th we will be moving to the Belmont, on the corner of St-Laurent & Mount-Royal !!

    Hope you see you all out there to rock out and have fun with us !!

    Bass ❤


  2. Big Ups Construct and Vilify!!

    we miss you guys here in Hali so much, but were all very proud of everything you’ve accomplished.

    One Love – One Family.


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