Trying to lose your virginity?

Mockumentary puts a twist on teen sex comedy

By Gabe Gilker

The Virginity Hit a new mockumentary on the timeless teen sex comedy was a finely paced movie, full of mindless, and somehow almost realistic teen antics about the drive to lose that horrible v-card.

The movie follows four friends who have a ceremonial bong, which they can only smoke out when they lose their virginity. The main focus is around Matt (Matt Bennett) who looks like the downgraded version of Andy Samberg. Matt is busy planning the perfect date for him and his girlfriend, Nicole’s (Nicole Weaver) two year anniversary. When things go awry you find yourself following around Matt and his three best friends in a mindless comedy about the lengths some people will go to lose their virginity.

The most original aspect of this movie wasn’t the acting or the plot line but rather the way it was filmed. It was filmed all from the first person perspective. Zack (Zack Pearlman) is an aspiring movie director and therefore films every waking moment of his life. This includes the entire movie that we are shown, which gives the entire movie a very YouTube vibe. Even though at some points it could make you nauseous it was still a very refreshing and a unique way to film an entire full-length movie.

The Virginity Hit was almost surreal to watch on the sole fact that you couldn’t tell that the actors were acting. Each actor fell into their role so well that it felt like you were part of the scene. The characters were real, all offering something that you could relate to and grab hold of. Another key note is that they all looked their age for once.

Even though this movie made an excessive use of tropes and stereotypes, they did it in a way that felt fresh and original. The Virginity Hit definitely deserves two thumbs up and provides a much needed break from the seriousness of everyday life.


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