Three terrorists arrested in Ontario

Montreal metro system under attack

By Gabe Gilker

Three young Islamic men were arrested in Ontario on Aug. 25 and 26 based on charges of facilitating terrorist activities, providing property and finances to terrorist organisations, and being in possession of explosives with intent to harm.

Misbahuddin Ahmed, Khurram Sher and Hiva Alizadeh were allegedly planning terrorist attacks on Parliament Hill, the Ottawa transit system and the Montreal metro system.

Sher is a graduate from McGill University medical school, Ahmed was working as a x-ray technician, and the leader of the group, Alizadeh, was a drop out of both Electrical Engineering and English-language Training at Red River College in Winnipeg. Both Sher and Ahmed were born in Montreal and raised in Canada.

When Alizadeh was arrested last Wednesday the RCMP discovered over 50 home-made bomb detonators in his Ottawa residence along with numerous drawings, videos and instructions on Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) informed The National Post.

To date he is the only one of the three who has been charged with the separate cases of owning explosives with intent to harm, being part of an terrorist group and for allegedly leaving the country to receive specialized training in how to construct and detonate IED’s.

No neighbors, employers or friends could believe what these three young men, who each have wives and children of their own, were planning.
“They were [Alizadeh and his wife] very pleasant, we had no trouble with them. He was a very quiet, shy type of person,” Ellie Pfieffer, neighbor and friend to the young couple in Winnipeg, told CBC News.

“Honestly… it makes me even more depressed because you know that these brothers [Sher and Ahmed] were active in the positive way.” stated Foudil Selmoune to CBC News, relating to the fact that they both used to volunteer, collect and distribute food for needy families on the South Shore.

One of the accused, Sher, gained minor fame in 2008 as he auditioned for Canadian Idol. Dressed in traditional Pakistani clothing and speaking with a heavy accent, Sher played the comedian and hammed it up for the judges.

A friend of Sher’s from McGill stated that he was “funny, charming, intelligent – the kind of Muslim youth that is well adjusted to life in Canada,” reported CBC News.Five other men are currently under suspicion for related charges.


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