The future, not so far away

The Venus Project founder, Jacques Fresco, proposes an alternative way of living our life.

By: Alexandra Giubelli

Jaques Fresco, futurist and Founder of the Venus Project will hold a conference on Sept. 25 at Concordia University about occurring issues in the world and how to solve them with a different approach.

The Venus Project is an organisation that operates in Venus, FL. They propose a plan of action for social changes in the world that would lead to a peaceful and sustainable civilization.

The Project wants to use technology and resources for the benefits of the people and the Earth, seeking out new ways of thinking and living. It calls for an approach where war, poverty, hunger, debts, environmental problems and human suffering are avoidable.

“I came across this event because I joined the Zeitgeist Movement after seeing the film Zeitgeist: Addendum. I’m interested in this because our current world system is obviously failing. Half the world’s population lives on less than $2 a day, yet somehow we claim to be civilized. I’ve always believed that there was another way, and when I came across this movement it seemed like the one with the most concrete, non-violent, and sensible ideas,” Eric Burnet, Concordia student said.

The Venus Project works for having the Earth resources as a common heritage for all the people in the world. This is why they believe the planet needs a transition from a monetary-based society to a resources-based global economy.
The resources-based system was develop by leader Jacques Fresco, founder of the Venus Project.

It’s a system where all goods and services would be available without the use of money, credits or any other system of debts. This type of economy would use the existing resources from the land and sea to produce all the necessities and provide a high standard of living for everyone. This system also involves efforts to develop new, clean and renewable sources of energy like geothermal, solar, wind, waves, controlled fusion and fuel from the oceans.

“The conditions of misery, suffering, and war, were the incentive and inspiration for my work. I was also motivated by the seeming incompetence of governments, the academic world, and a lack of solutions from scientists,” Fresco said.


2 responses to “The future, not so far away

  1. Linda aka Mamma D

    Thanks for printing a great summary of The Venus Project. I’m a member of The Zeitgeist Movement & The Venus Project. At age 62 w/grandchildren, I too feel the ‘merry-go-round’ ride is ending. For future generations, my wish is that we can take “one small step for man & one large step for mankind”
    Peace – Mamma D

  2. Lucily, mr. Fresco has made a plan for bringing the world along after the money is surpassed. Resource-based economy is pure genius!

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