Student Involvement

Recognition of Student Involvement Program; voluteering to get a special notation on your transcript

By Jennifer Hughes

The Recognition of Student Involvement Program has started up again this semester, giving students a chance to get a special notation put on their transcript for the number of hours they volunteer.

The Recognition Program is a government program created to recognize students who volunteer in or outside of school. The program was put into place about five or six years ago, said Mary Di Liello, Recreation Technician from Student Affairs.

“I’m already volunteering so why not [sign up],” said Chelsea Smith, a third semester Business Management Marketing student who volunteers with a children’s football team. “It can’t do any harm, it can only help the community.”

In order to sign up, students must complete the minimum of 60 hours of volunteer work in one of the preceding fields and must be in high academic standing. Students also must be enrolled as a full-time student during their involvement in the activity or event. Forms to apply can be picked up and dropped off at Di Liello’s office in Student Affairs (2E.6).

“On average 130 applicants have applied per semester, 230-260 a year,” Di Liello said. “Responses have been really good.”

Students can sign up to the Recognition Program only once a semester for one specific field. The group of activities applicable include: Athletics/Sports (sports teams), Arts and Culture (theatre clubs, dance groups, etc.), Education and Academic activities (tutoring, debating clubs, para-academic clubs), Entrepreneurship (volunteering with local businesses, business-related clubs), Politics (member of municipal political part, executive member of an association), Science (writing for science journal, science clubs, participant in science fairs), and Social and Community Involvement (social or cultural associations, promoting community programs or events).

Once a student has successfully signed up a notation will appear on their transcript which will say that they’ve been recognized in student involvement.
All application forms must be handed into Di Liello by the last day of classes on Dec. 10.

Pamphlets and more information about the program can be found in Student Affairs, room 2E.6.


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