SPEED your way to popularity

Make new acquaintances by Speed Friending 

By Dahlia Belinsky

The Dawson Student Union (DSU) organized a Speed Friending event in the Upper Atrium on Sept. 2 where students were invited to sit down and mingle, but due to a small number of attendees, the event’s predetermined time frame of an hour was cut in half.

A total 10 people attended the event, three of them being DSU members. “The event was created for students to make a support system and transition into CEGEP,” Matthew Mancini, creator of Speed Friending and the Director of Communications and Media of the DSU explained, “With 300 new students it’s natural to feel overwhelmed.”

Ice breaker questions were placed in front of the participants to begin conversation such as “What program are you in?” and “What’s your favourite TV show?” They had 90 seconds to talk to each other before they were asked to switch partners.

“We don’t expect people to become best friends, but maybe just someone to say hi to,” Vijay Krishnan, Student Life Assistant said.
During the event Mancini was trying to attract people to the area where Speed Friending was taking place, but was unsuccessful. “I’m optimistic, but also realistic, a lot of people are too shy to come,” Mancini said.

Other students were simply unwilling to go. “Why would I go to Speed Friending? I already have friends,” Kelly Bervaldi, third semester Language student said.

The students who did attend however enjoyed themselves. “It was fun, I got to learn a lot about other people,” Jens Gratten, first semester Pure and Applied student said.

“It was a good idea,” Anthony Thambiah, fifth semester Electro Tech student said, “but they should have promoted it more.” Thambiah read about the event in the Daily Bulletin the day before. 

Due to the small turnout Mancini confirmed that the DSU would not be planning another Speed Friending event in the near future. 


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