Piss Off

By Tyler Finigan


Nothing in this world can give humankind a collective hate greater than the frustration that radiates from buffering. I’m so mad I don’t even make sense any more. I’m sitting there… waiting… waiting and waiting some more then the bar moves a fucking inch. I mean I could probably go out have a few drinks, get tipsy, fall down a staircase get rushed to a hospital then awake from a three year coma before the stupid scroll bar fills itself up.

Colorful wheel of death!

I don’t know how many times I’ve fallen asleep while staring at this hypnotizing piece of shit. You’re working so hard on your paper and all you need to do is save it, but then because of your loaded hard drive, this little rainbow wheel pops up instead of your cursor. The one thing that is inevitable when this happens is that your face goes from relieved and happy to violent tears. I feel in touch with every Mac owner/user because every one of them knows that this wheel isn’t just dumb hourglass or form of communication between the computer and our minds. It’s a device created from the depths of hell to drive us crazy and sodomize everyone in a 20-foot vicinity.

…And that’s what pissed me off this

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