Not a great start

Lacrosse team lose first game but coaches remain optimistic

By Chris Pike

Dawson’s Men’s Lacrosse team played their first game of the season last Saturday at Loyola High School Lacrosse field against the Montmorency Nomads.

The Blues started off strong, scoring two quick goals catching Montmorency, who finished as one of the top teams in the league last year, off guard.
Montmorency regrouped and countered with two goals of their own, tying up the game.

Dawson stayed strong afterward, scoring again with a swift shot to the bottom corner by Yorke. Keeping on the attack the Blues fired shot after shot at the Montmorency goalie but had no luck with Percy’s shot glancing off the post.

Unfortunately the Nomads had much better luck than the Blues as Blais-Maillard streaked down the sideline scoring in the bottom left corner. Montmorency scored again soon after, this time the goal came from J-G Mouin on a beautiful diving overhead shot to end the first half.

Things didn’t get much better for the Blues in the third quarter and while they were to lay some punishing hits on the Nomads, they had no luck when it came to their offense. Galbraith had one of the best chances of the quarter as he went through four Montmorency players with relative ease, but lacked finish as his shot when far and wide of the target.

Dawson did its best to push the driving Nomads out to the side and while it didn’t work at first the defense were focused on their game plan and eventually limited the number of shots Montmorency was able to take.

Dawson also showed success playing as a team in the fourth quarter with Brunet taking a big hit to let his teammate get passed his defender.

While the Blues were able to make a late game push with a few shots on goal the Montmorency defense was too much for them and the game ended with the final score of 10-4 in favor of the Nomads.

After the game the team’s coaches were happy with the result of the game even though they had lost.

“Some of the guys who had literally never played lacrosse before stepped up today,” head coach Dan Brouillette said.

“We had only practiced as a team twice before this game so some areas were lacking, but we’ll work on those as the season goes on,” assistant coach Kyle Peterdy.

The coaches also said that for the next game they would look for “better mental toughness” from their players as well as “more confident play.”

Team captain Olivier Charbonneau was also happy with the result of the game.
“Compared to last year against Montmorency this game was great,” said Charbonneau, “We lost 20-0 that game so 10-4 is a much better.”

Charbonneau agreed with his coaches when it came to the new players skills saying that, “We’re going to have to work on keeping the defense focused and making sure the new guys aren’t as nervous.”

The Lacrosse team plays its next game away against John Abbott Saturday at 12 p.m.


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