M.U.N. comes to Dawson

Dawson held its first meeting for the Model United Nations meeting

By: Jonathan Feist

High attendance and student participation exceeded expectations for Dawson’s first Model United Nations (M.U.N.) meeting last Tuesday.Approximately 40 students gathered to discuss the future of the tentative new club, which is open to students of all programs and semesters.
“I have a really good feeling about this. The students were engaged and were eager to form sub-committees,” Cynthia Martin, political science professor and co-chair of the club said.

The Dawson Model United Nations, led by Professor Ted Irwin, has two foreseeable goals: to send one or more delegations to the McGill M.U.N. in Jan. 2011, and to organize a trip to the New York M.U.N. of April 2011.

Discussed were the necessary resources needed for a trip to New York, such as the organizational planning and costs of the trip. Students will be responsible for fundraising efforts, as the college has only allocated $3000 to the cause at this time, but all financial contributions from the college are still to be discussed.
It was clear at the meeting that regular attendance will be required, and that this is a serious endeavour that will take time and in-depth planning. The first event for the Dawson club is at McGill and will take place Jan. 27-30.

For this reason, sub-committees were formed instantly at the meeting’s adjournment, and were focused on the club’s constitution, fundraising ideas, New York planning, and McGill planning.

“I think it is viable that this [Dawson M.U.N.] follows through given the interest today,” said Howard Cohen, a third semester Commerce student.  “I like international relations in general, so this naturally would be of interest to me, but it’s a big commitment and I don’t know if I’ll be able to do this along with all my other activities,” he said.

Publicity and events were also discussed, as the club would like to have representatives at both Open House Night and Information Night.

Dawson is very interested in supporting their own M.U.N., and has printed flyers to distribute to those interested.   The club is looking to recruit serious members, and has long-term goals such as participation in an international M.U.N. competition in spring of 2012.


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