Lip sync your way to $100

Student affairs is looking for students to participate in the lip sync contest

By Maya Malkin

A lip sync contest will be held at Dawson on Thursday, Oct. 14, in Conrod’s cafeteria (2.F.4) and the winners will receive cash prizes of up to $100.

“I thought a lip-sync contest would be less intimidating that a singing contest. You don’t need to know how to sing to perform lip-sync,”  Michelle Lee, lip sync event organizer said. She thought that the contest could be a fun activity to have on campus.

Although the event is being properly promoted with posters, is on the home page of MyDawson, and has been in the Daily Bulletin numerous times, some students are still unaware of it’s existence.

“I think I saw a poster,” said Joe Zerter, a third semester Cin/Vid/Com student,“It seems pretty stupid but if you get 100 bucks out of it that’s cool, I guess.”

Many students couldn’t sign up because the event is at the same time as their classes. “Sadly and surprisingly, there has been less interest than I expected.  I am hoping for more sign-ups because it would be a shame to have to cancel the activity,” Lee said.

“I think it’s really random how we even have a lip syncing contest,” Sydney Piggott, a third semester commerce student said. “It seems really pointless, but it could be funny…It would take a brave person to get up there and sing to popular music, I definitely wouldn’t do it.”

If students do not show more interest in the event, it will have to be cancelled. “I’ve been working at the College going on 10 years and can’t remember the last time there was a lip-sync contest,” Lee said.

Students will be judged on their costume and its credibility, their lip-syncing abilities, and their overall performance. The student who impresses the panel of faculty judges will walk away with $100. Second place prize is $75, and third place prize is $50.

“I mean, it might be a valuable talent to have,” Piggott said. “If you think about it, every star right now doesn’t actually sing their own music these days, so maybe it’s good practice.”


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