Lady Blues Ready to Start Season

High hopes for Dawson’s AA Women’s Hockey Team

By Alex Giubelli

Last Friday at Samuel Moscovitch Arena the AA Women’s Hockey team were holding their last tryout before the start of the 2010-2011 season.

Finishing fourth last season, with a total of 25 points (11 wins, seven loses and three overtime loses), the Lady Blues entered the playoffs but failed to conquer the title as they finished fifth in the post season with 10 points.With half of the team no longer at Dawson, the newly made veterans were learning to know the rookies who will play among them.

“Before we went on the ice, we did some team bonding. We had fun but at the same time we were getting in shape. Everyone was getting involved, the atmosphere in the room is a lot more positive. We’re really hitting it off well this year, everyone,” player Joanne Cagianos said.Everyone hopped on the ice at 6 p.m., practicing some passes, mini games and skating drills.

“I think practice went a little bit better than the others. We need to work on some issues, but that’s what we’re here for. Their conditioning is not bad, some of the players really impressed me with how well conditioned they are, some others, well we need to work on that. Every practice we’re getting a little bit better,” Head Coach Scott Lambton said.

The team does think they can bounce back from their last season, confident that their team possesses all the elements to make it to the championship.
“I believe we have a chance to make it in the top two. We’re going to be up there, no doubt about it,”  Cagianos continued.

“My expectation is to be first place,”Lambton said. “I don’t know how well we’re going to do starting out, but with the atmosphere in the locker room, first place is a realistic goal.”

The expectations are set high for the Lady Blues who will start their season on Sept. 11 against Dawson’s rival, John Abbott’s Lady Islanders at McDonald Arena.


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