In Prompt to Comedy

Uncalled for Comedy group bring in the laughs at Conrod’s for the DSU’s Student Power Orientation

By Erica Guth

Taking part in the Dawson Student Union’s (DSU) Student Power Orientation, the Uncalled for Comedy group treated the crowd at Conrod’s to a night of laughs on Tuesday, Aug. 31. 

While the show started 15 minutes late, the four comedians were able to win over the small, yet enthusiastic, crowd with their set.

The comedians Dan Jeannotte, Mike Hughes, Anders Yates and Matt Goldberg had the crowd in stitches for the entire hour and a half.

One of the highlights was a skit called Press Conference, since it involved participation from the audience. One of the comedian had to give a press conference on a subject that the audience and the other comedians had decided upon, but of which he remained clueless. The comedians, then, had to modify his answers based on their questions and reactions.

Another popular sketch was when one of the members of the audience, who was a Dawson student, had to describe a day in her life, and then the comedians reenacted her day.

The best skits included their take on Harry Potter, a day in the life of a Dawson student and a press conference.

“I think it went well, it’s definitely a small room for us but when Dawson called us we were more than happy to do a show here,” said Yates. They just got off the festival season, so it was a nice little break to play for CEGEP students in their hometown.

 There were about twenty students in the room, many of whom didn’t really know what to expect. Most of the students had been dragged there by a friend, who had seen it on a poster around the school. 

“We’re happy with the turnout, we weren’t expecting a full room,” said Matthew Mancini, a representative from the DSU. Since it was improvisation, there were a few slip-ups during the show, but the group was able to play it off and turn it into another joke.  

Uncalled for Comedy is a group of four men who started an improvisation and sketch comedy group when they were all students at John Abbott. They play shows across Canada including the Just for Laughs Festival. For more information you go to their web site at


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