Have you been HIT on lately?

Large turnout for Lacrosse try-outs excite players and coaches alike

By Dahlia Belinsky

With two new coaches and over 40 students attending the first try-outs on Sept. 2, men’s lacrosse at Dawson is about to undergo some big changes.

“This season already seems very promising,” said Olivier Charbonneau, a fifth semester Child Studies student. Charbonneau is about to begin his third year on the Lacrosse team and can already see that with the huge turn out of students and the new coaches, the lacrosse team could finally make a name for itself.
“There have never been this many people at the try-outs,” Charbonneau said. Last season the team had only 13 players, which resulted in only three substitutes all season.

New coaches Dan Brouillette and Kyle Peterdy expected many students to need an introduction to the sport, but a lot of people were already in leagues and had played before. “The students were already well aware of the sport,” Brouillette said. “The Dawson team is set to impress everyone this year.”
“The coaches [Brouillette and Peterdy] are dedicated and have an open mind and actually listen to what their players have to say,” Daniel Goldsbrough, a first semester Social Science student said.

Last season the coaches were unclear and members of the team would often ask Charbonneau (who was captain last year) to explain what they were being asked to do. “It was messy on the field and the coaches would contradict each other,” Charbonneau explained.

Peterdy was excited to see so much talent on the field, but said that in past years, “the team has consistently underachieved.” He also expressed the point that he wants more people to come to the games, saying “We’d like to share the sport with everyone and make lacrosse more popular.”

Even students agree that “We need to open Dawson’s eyes to a great sport that not a lot of people know about,” Goldsbourgh said.The coaches said that they’re looking for a lot of determination from the players to guarantee that they can succeed this upcoming season.

“For two months my whole life becomes Lacrosse and with the exception of school, I expect the same from everyone else on our team,” Brouillette said.
The first game of the season is against Collège Montmorency, on Sept. 11, at noon at the Loyola High School Lacrosse Field.


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