Folk, Rock, Country and Blues are on the menu

Ol’ Savannah, Mind That Bird and The Jimmyriggers on stage at Divan Orange

By Maya Malkin

­­On Sept. 8, The Jimmyriggers, Mind That Bird and Ol’ Savannah, all Montreal based bands, took on Divan Orange for a night of loud folk music.

The JimmyRiggers started off the night right on time at 10:00 p.m. with a half-hour set. Divan Orange was pretty empty, but 15 minutes into their set, the place was significantly busier.

Their music is light rock mixed with a little bit of a country twang. The band is made up of three members. Andre Kirchhoff, on electric guitar and lead/backing vocals, David Pearce on bass guitar and lead/backing vocals, and Robert Harris on drums. The crowd seemed semi-pleased.

Half of the people were sitting down and the people who were standing were only at the back of the venue. “We don’t smell that bad,” Pearce told the crowd. Most of the people were aged from age 20 to 40.

Mind That Bird took the stage right after, with an original folk/rock sound. A surprisingly low voice came out of the small Ryan Gosling look alike lead singer and guitar player, Dylan Perkons.

Their music stood out because of the wonderful Ari Swan, on the violin. Every song was accompanied by a very beautiful sound coming from her instrument, and Swan threw in some finger picking as well. Other members of the band include, Adrian Bergman on bass and vocals, Terry Boisvert on guitar and vocals, and Rob De Konick on drums.

“I’ve never heard either of the opening bands before, I’m here for Ol’ Savannah, but I’m going to have to look these guys up cause their great,” laughed Alex, one of the many attendees.

At 11:15 p.m. new people were still coming in to Divan Orange. Mind That Bird had a pretty big crowd and a good energy on stage. They ended their set by saying: “tip the bartender this place is great, I love Divan Orange!”

Finally, Ol’ Savannah, the main act was up and unfortunately the microphones were giving them a lot of feedback. “Can we fix that problem please?” said the lead singer, who calls himself Speedy D. Clark. The band definitely got people up on their feet. The back of Divan was empty because every one was dancing.
Ol’ Savannah’s sound is very upbeat and bluesy with a Southern folk/country vibe. Their music turned the room to an old southern bar, filled with men who spent all day working in the fields.

“Let’s slow it down and talk about killing people,” Clark said, and then went on to play yet another upbeat song. The other members that make up Ol’ Savannah are Bertleby J. Budde, on guitar, lap steel, banjo, and backup vox, Kevin Labchuk, on accordian, and backup vox, Chris Bryne, on bass, and Max Outerbridge on drums.

As the night went on, a couple people left here and there but overall they kept a large crowd of people dancing. “I’m here for my buddy, the lead singer of Ol’ Savannah,” said Samson Smith, a man present during the night. Their set was over at about 1:30 a.m. and ended with two guitarists going up on stage to jam.
“We were just hanging at Divan tonight,” said a man sitting at a table near the back. The girl sitting with him interupted. “I really liked it though, really cool, all the bands were,” she said.

Whether people were there to support their friends, or to discover new music, all three bands gained some new fans.

You can catch these bands at upcoming shows in Montreal at venues like Hemisphere Gauche, L’Etranger, L’Escogriffe, Trois Minots, Brutopia and Il Motore within the next couple months.

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