Eyes on the DSU

The DSU discussed clubs at Dawson as well as upcoming events

By Beatrice Broderick-Auger

The Dawson Student Union (DSU) held a meeting on Monday Sept. 13 at 6 p.m. in room 8A.6.

An assessment of the first few weeks of school was reviewed and several new developments were discussed.

They established that the vegetarian lunches are doing well. The recipes of the meals served can be found on the DSU Facebook page.

On Thursday there was a senate, where the issue of the integration of part time students to the union was brought up. Wednesday Sept. 12 Nadia Kanji, Director of Internal Affairs & Advocacy, assisted the teacher’s meeting.

The Finance Committee appointed Leo Fugazza, Anna Bronshteyn and Benjamin Laschiazza as their newest members.

The policy manual needs to be reworked to suite a larger political ideology while staying attached to the constitution. Another issue discussed by the DSU was the Bill C-391. The Finance Committee has allocated $700 to take action against the abolition on long gun register. On sep 22, Dawson is planing on sending a bus to Parliament hill to show their disapproval, students still may join in this event.

The clubs that were granted full financial and office privileges are the following:
The MSA, African Legacy, Hillel, Les Quebeco Franco, Club-Med, P.A.C.E, The Ukrainian Club, The Chill Club, Com-Ime, Asian Invasion, The Socialist Club, Improve Now!, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, The Dawson Christian Fellowship, Access, The Dawson Historical Appreciation Society, The Social Just Club, The Dawson Theatre Collective, The Philosophy Club.

While Classics, the Rock-Climbing Club, The Rotary Club got full financial privileges.

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