Dawson’s Finest

By Maya Malkin

This week I need to complain about something that my close friend, Gabe Gilker, brought to my attention. In front of the escalators, blocking your way in to the cafeteria, making you late for class, “the bro circle” is unavoidable. If you are asking yourself what I’m talking about, try walking 10 steps in Dawson and I guarantee you you’ll run into one.   Definition: The Bro Circle

– 1 result noun, verb, – they bro circled, they are bro circling A group of men who are talking, rapping, or just taking up space, in the worst possible places.

I tried to pay close attention to the bro circles I ran into this week. The first one was in the middle of the atrium hallway. A group of 12 guys were busy free styling, and disabling innocent students from getting to their classes. First of all, you’re not professional rappers, to put it politely, not every one is interested in listening to; “I don’t know what to say, but that’s okay, cause I got it like dat, hip-hop hurray,” and secondly, is it necessary to do this in the middle of the hallway? I try to get by and I end up getting an elbow in the face , and spit on my forehead from a bro beat boxer.

The second bro circle I ran into was standing in front of the cafeteria, on a day where the escalator wasn’t working. My one question to those bro’s: WHY are you standing right in front of the main staircase?! THE ESCALATOR IS BROKEN! PEOPLE ARE CONFUSED WHEN YOU STAND HERE. MOVEVEVEVEVVEVEVVEEEE!  The other “bro circles,” that I encountered didn’t infuriate me to the extent of these two and therefore aren’t worth mentioning. However, to all the guys out there, by all means, bro circle all you want, but next time, try to pick somewhere that isn’t the center of Dawson’s student circulation.


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