Dawson tradition still hot and fresh

As always, the Dawson corn roast was a success

By Anna Frey

After a forced delay due to weather conditions, Dawson’s annual Corn Roast was held yesterday afternoon on the West Lawn.

The Roast was scheduled to be held last Wednesday, but a forecast of thundershowers pushed the event back one week.

This change of plans did nothing to hamper attendance at the always-popular back-to-school event. “This year we actually have a counter, but [there are] always hundreds and hundreds of people who come,” Janice Gill, a Student Affairs associate who was selling meal tickets said.

The Roast is held every year as a welcome-back, get-to-know-you occasion for both new and returning students and staff. “I’ve been here for 21 years, so it’s been going on for at least that long,” Gill laughed.An area of round tables was set up on the lawn, with picnic tables set up further away for those who preferred a calmer ambiance for their meal.

“My favourite part about the Corn Roast is the food, I guess,” third semester Cin/Vid/Com student Annie Croll said, to unanimous agreement from her tableful of friends. “But we can’t really stick around for all these events because we have to study and get to class.”

Publicity for the Roast took the form of posters and flyers pasted around the school, as well as by placing ads in the Daily Bulletin. “We heard about it from the posters,” Croll said. “Same thing as last year.”

Clubs and various organisations had tables set up around the perimeter, attempting to attract more attention from students. The Dawson Blues, Dawson Student Union and the First Aid Team were all present at the event, with Virgin Radio set up in the far corner, providing the soundtrack for the afternoon.

Games and booths were also set up on the lawn, selling popcorn or getting students to line up for a chance to win prizes with their tee-ball skills. An inflatable slide as well as a wacky waving inflatable arm-flailing tube man helped draw attention to the affair.

Funding for this large event comes from Student Affairs themselves, who draws their money from the school itself.


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