Dawson’s Finest

By Maya Malkin

It’s my first week back at Dawson and already I’ve heard one too many bro’s, seen one too many acne-faced skater/emo boys with girl hair, and unwillingly witnessed one too many asses hanging out of a pair of pants that may as well be on the ground.

What are the guys at Dawson thinking? Sometimes it seems like they invent their own make believe world around what girls are attracted to. Especially the pompous ones, who walk around like they own Dawson and think that talking 10 decibels louder than any other regular person makes them hilarious.

Some guys are close, just missing the mark. They almost don’t look like an idiot but something about the way they carry themselves just doesn’t pass it off, and they look like an idiot.

I think it’s because they try too hard, and girls are more attracted to the naturally handsome, not too overdressed, or underdressed and sensible guys, who don’t feel the need to draw attention to themselves.

I remember last semester there was a group of boys who would stand in the atrium and spend their whole day just complimenting girls. “Hey sweetheart,” he yelled at me as I walked by, “you’re beautiful!” I was having a bad day, so this really did cheer me up, even if he had a full container of gel holding his hair slicked back. Then two seconds later I hear him shout down to another girl in the lower atrium, “yo baby, you’re so adorable,” and then I wanted to vomit on him. Another stupid dude saying whatever he can to get any sort of attention from the opposite sex. Give me a break.


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