Dance Stripper Dance

Dance Laury Dance inebriate their audience at   Montreal sur les Quais

By Tyler Finigan


If AC/DC had intercourse with an entire Quebec brothel and conceived a baby; that baby would be the leather wearing, moustache baring Dance Laury Dance.
Hailing from Quebec City, this stereotypical rock and roll group make it their job to bring the party to each and every one of their shows.

“Our only passion is to rock and roll!” said Max Lemire, Lead singer to the curious audience.
The band strutted their way on stage and to their instruments and then with his raspy guttural tone, Lemire started of the set with one of his signature high pitched wails.

The band rocked from side to side to their heavy trucker riffs and crowd followed suit. Headbangers were scattered every where across the railings and and in between all the fist pumping riffs was a punch in the face rhythm section. Often highlighted on the stage, Sebatien Deschenes the bass player would beat out his grooves and then retreat to the tattooed claded drummer, Alexandre “Lap” LaPerriere.
At the start of their song “To be Drunk,” Lemire took a can of beer and smashed it against his head until his greasy locks were drenched and then to introduce his first lyric, flipped it all back into the crowd.
Throughout the set, The bands antics became more and more out of hand.
“Out of all you girls out there, whom of you like the giant penis?” said Lemire.
The audience was surprisingly intrigued by this behaviour, some even adored it.
Some attendees weren’t even quite sure of what to make out of DLD. Some laughed some danced, some even walked away. The band didn’t hold back. They kept pumping out their songs like a rusty gas pump filling up everyones ears with biker grease.
To finish off the setlist, They played “Living for the Roll.”  Guitarist, Patrick Cyr ripped into his solo and left it all on the stage for Lemire to screech one more time for his new legion of fans. They left the stage and left the crowd hungry for more. “It was like licking God’s leather boot.” said Francois, a fan, chugging his beer.


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