Close call for AAA Men against Vanier

The Blues win a tough game on home soil

By Beatrice Broderick-Auger

On Sunday, Sept. 12 Dawson’s AAA Men’s soccer team played against the Vanier Cheetahs in their home opener at Soccerplexe Catalogna.

While the game the women’s team played right before them went extremely well, the men had a little more work to do.

The Men’s AAA team was full of fresh faces as there were only six returning players to the 21-man squad. “This is a young team,” said coach Marco Masucci “but the atmosphere is much more serious than it was last year.

The game started rather quickly as Dawson was fouled near the Vanier goal and were given a free kick in a great scoring position. Much to the dismay of the Blues and their fans the ball rang off the post and went wide.

Dawson got a few more good chances and at the 29th minute of the game, Nick Sisti capitalized, but the celebration was short-lived as Vanier equalized soon after bringing the game to a 1-1 tie.

The game seemed to kick into overdrive after that as both Vanier and the Blues wanted the go ahead goal.

Dawson’s first approach of driving the ball down the middle of the field and quickly passing to the strikers waiting at the top of the box had stopped working at this point, but both the coach and players saw this. Afterward Dawson got a few good chances from crosses into the middle of the box from their wingers.
Both sides tried hard to take the lead, but the game stayed deadlocked going into halftime.

Dawson took the upper hand at the beginning of the second half when Danilo Pissoia scored making the game 2-1 in favor of the Blues. Shortly after, Filipe De Souzia used some fancy footwork to get through the Cheetah’s defense and put the Blues up by two with a swift kick to the back of the net.

All of the game’s momentum was on the Blues side as their defense toughened up, midfielders pushed Vanier backward down the field and the attackers took good shots from every angle.

Vanier didn’t quit though taking a shot that, luckily enough hit the crossbar and landed safely into Dawson’s keeper’s hands. Dawson’s luck ran out quick as Vanier almost immediately scored after their near miss.

Vanier made several good drives toward the Blues’ net, but each time they were in striking distance they either missed or fired it straight into the hands of Dawson’s keeper who immediately cleared the ball getting the Blues out of danger.

Things got a little rough near the end of the game and two yellow cards were handed out; one to the Blues and one to Vanier.

“This is the second game where we had to win it in the second half,” said Coach Masucci, “next week’s games will be much harder than the two we played this week.”

The Blues play their next game right after their female counterparts against Collège François-Xavier Garneau in Québec City on Sept 17.

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