Chillin’ with the Street Team

Astral Media stops by Dawson to recruit new members

 By Ashley Couillard

Taking a step away from the microphone; Astral Media visits Dawson in the search for new recruits.  Astral Media’s Virgin Radio, CHOM and CJAD are currently looking for people who are interested in being part of their street team, they came by Dawson on Sept. 8 to recruit new members.

The street team is a group of young enthusiastic people who seek to learn about radio promotions. They represent each radio station at different events in and around the island of Montreal. The street team is most importantly a unit that harps on teamwork. Members are taken on promotional adventures, they make connections with people in the media industry and act as the link between the community and the on-air personalities.  

“When looking for recruits, we are intent on finding people who are between the ages of 18 and 25 years old, who preferably have their driver’s license, are available at least once a week for a minimum of three hours, act responsibly, are aware, eager to learn, enthusiastic, knowledgeable about each radio station, vibrant and most importantly, full of energy.” Camille Charcra, a third semester Arts and Culture student as well as an Intern for the street team said. 

Each week an email is sent out with a list of events and times, whenever one is available for a specific time block they email back saying when they are free and later on during the week a confirmation email is sent out with the time and date of your event.  

“ When we’re at an event my moto is to never have both feet on the ground and always keep moving, you can dance, sing or even wiggle your way to attention, get the crowd involved” Claudia- Sam Cataford Sauve, Promotional Street Team and Events Coordinator said.

 As an example, a concert event would consist of putting up a tent, installing the music system and listening to who’s playing in concert. For a movie premiere, it would be to set up banners and posters all over the theatre and greet people to their movie and once everyone is in their movie the street team gets to watch it too.  

“The rewards are worth the work,” Jeremy Jacques, Street Teamer and Dawson student said.   As a reward for volunteering to events, the street team would receive tickets for whoever is participating in that event. Other prizes include free gym memberships, Alouette tickets and much more.

Another outcome to being part of the street team is it’s a good thing to put on your CV.“I believe that it can be valuable media knowledge, you gain more maturity and learn how to not be shy. how to act around people and how to prepare for events. It can also help you get your foot in the door and get new friends and meet cool people.” Cataford Sauve said.

  The interviews are on Monday September 13th at 6:30 pm and 8 pm as well as on September 14th at 6 pm and 7:30 pm at Astral Media. If you would be interested in being part of the street team,  e-mail: and book your place for an interview. 



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  1. Pity I’m far too late but this sounds like a really good idea!

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