Breaking News

By Anna Frey

Sarah Shourd, an American hiker who had been held hostage in Iran for 18 months was freed this week. She vows to help the two men who were being held captive alongside her escape as soon as possible.

Protests over America’s aborted plans to burn the Koran have erupted in Kabul. Though the burning has been cancelled, the riots continue, most recently injuring nine people in the struggles.

Tropical Storm Karl has hit Mexico, while both Hurricane Igor and Julia have attained category four status and are heading for the same region.

The trial for Mary Beth Harshbarger, an American accused of shooting and killing her husband while on vacation in Canada has started. Harshbarger plead not guilty, saying that she thought she was shooting at a bear instead of her spouse.

Unicef and the World Health Organisation have teamed up with two other organisations in a research study that disovered the number of women dying during pregnancy and childbirth has dropped by over a third in the past two decades.

The French senate voted in favour of banning any facial-coverings in public, including the full-face veil worn by some Muslim women, the burqa. It is now illegal to sport any type of facial covering in public.

The Chilean miners who have been trapped underground have recently been granted electricity and cigarettes, raising morale. The miners are trapped 2 300 feet underground.

The Eiffel Tower in France was closed and evacuated on Tuesday due to several bomb threats made by telephone. It has since been reopened.


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