Bass Drive Wednesdays: Mark Instinct with Vilify with Construct

Koi hosts Mark Instinct on Constructs birthday for Bass Drive Wednesdays

By Gabe Gilker

If you went to Koi on Wednesday, Sept. 8, you would have found yourself in the middle of a semi-epileptic dance floor, dominated by avid dubsteppers, throwing their bodies into the 140 bmp of bass being produced by Mark Instinct, Construct and Vilify.

That night was a double-header of excitement. Not only did Mark Instinct grace Bass Drive Wednesdays, a weekly night at Koi dedicated to showcasing some of the best dubstep DJ’s in Montreal, but it was also resident DJ Construct’s birthday celebration.

With two of Instinct’s tracks “Invader” and “Batman Sound” making the top 10 of many international playlists in 2009, expectations were high.
Instinct delivered more than what was promised and from 12:30 a.m. to 2:00 a.m. the dance floor was a mess of hot sweating bodies, all praising the Calgary born musical genius, who has also dipped his DJ-ing talents into drum and bass and as well as house.

The highlight of the night were, hands down, the two resident house DJ’s. Once again Vilify and Construct destroyed the bass and commanded the crowd as they worked together to deliver one of their most powerful performances to date.
Vilify, being an old pro at the turntables, buying her first set when she was 18 and DJing ever since, and Construct, who’s been spinning since 2007, both execute shows with perfect co-ordination, constantly bringing the bass fiends some new material and taking the music to the next level.

You can catch both Vilify and Construct every Wednesday at Koi Lounge, 3603 Saint-Laurent, corner Prince-Arthur, or check out their Facebook pages for a complete list of their upcoming shows.


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