Alice in Zombieland

Resident Evil: Afterlife brings action and thrill in 3D

By Maya Malkin

The fourth installment of the Resident Evil franchise, Resident Evil: Afterlife, directed by Paul Wes Anderson, (Resident Evil 2002) is a non-stop, action packed Sci-Fi thriller. The film begins in Tokyo as Alice (Mila Jovovich) is attacking the Umbrella Corporation, a facility that has been testing a virus on humans that transforms them into zombies. Nearly the entire planet is infected, and only a few survivors remain.

Alice clones herself and takes on the whole corporation. Albert Wesker (Shawn Roberts), who is behind all of it, escapes on his aircraft, on which the real Alice emerges and ambushes him. Wesker injects her with a serum that neutralizes the T-virus in her system, eliminating her super powers and making her human again. The aircraft crashes before he can kill her and Alice escapes.

She spends the next couple months searching for survivors, and trying to track down a repeating emergency broadcast from “Arcadia,” a supposed safe haven free of infection. On an abandoned beach, Alice finds Claire (Ali Larter), who ran away from the Umbrella Corporation when they tried to kidnap her and the others, from the previous movie.

Alice and Claire fly into Los Angeles on a two-person plane and find a group of infection-free people living in a prison, which is surrounded by zombies who are trying to break in. Alice, Claire and the rest of the survivors try and make their way to Arcadia safely while the zombies try to make their way into the prison to feed on their human flesh.

Despite the 40 plot lines that are difficult to keep track of, if you have never seen a Resident Evil film before, the flick on its own is a well-made action movie. The whole thing from start to end is visually fantastic, and the 3D effects definitely stood out. Unlike a couple recent films, Afterlife took advantage of the 3D aspect, and was not afraid to let things pop out at the audience.

This film is a good thriller; with lots of jumping zombie attacks, underwater sequences, and brutal deaths. It is an even better action film; it almost has too much action. Every scene was heart pumping, partially due to things going wrong every second, and also because the main characters never got to relax for even a minute without being attacked.

A negative point to the film was that the acting was not magnificent. Shawn Roberts, who played Wesker, did a poor job at making himself believable, not as the bad guy, but as an actor in general. The film is also very tiring and demanding to sit through, because it just never stops. Bad things happen immediately after anything good happens. If the viewer has not seen the other Resident Evil movies, it can also be a lot to try and understand in an hour and forty minutes.

Overall, Resident Evil: Afterlife is not a let down, it has great never ending action sequences, a good concept to a film, some really amazing effects and Mila Jovovich kicking zombie ass. Any die-hard action fan would probably thoroughly enjoy this film.


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