Word In The Herd

What would you do if they added one more week of school?

“Kill Myself.”
Kayla M. – Second Semester – Child Studies
What a freaking cop out. Hold your head up high, step into class and tell teacher that you’re ready to take on anything. Then when she hands you another fucking essay, you can jump in front of the metro.

“Deal with it?”
Melissa M. – Second Semester – Psychology
Deal with it? You don’t sound too sure. Didn’t your Mom or maybe your legal guardian for this matter ever tell you to answer properly when asked a question? Here, let me help you make a decision…Go hide in a hole with your ass raised in air so that I can give it the biggest punt then maybe you’ll realize that one more week is as shitty as dealing with Herpes in your mouth.

“I wouldn’t go.”

Michele H. – Second Semester – Psychology
You lazy fuck! I’m about as lazy as a fat world of warcraft freak but when it comes to school I’m about to give you the public service anouncment of your life. If you don’t show up to that last week, you live the rest of your life fighting for a job, awaiting your next crack hit. You’ll spend your life with no man, no children and no computer. It will hurt to sit down because of how big your butt rash will be and then because of your lack of College you’re too stupid to whore yourself so you will result to selling your body parts and will eventually end up limbless in the back of a garbage truck…. stay in school!

“Relapse on my crack addiction, start killing small animals, and probably plan the assasination of Oprah.”

Andrew T. – Fourth Semester – Commerce
For an on the spot question I am vey surprised on how planned out and amazing your plan is! I have a feeling that there’s a little bum-bum action goin’ on with your childhood because anger like that doesn’t come from an angry teenager. You know what? Crack and killing animals goes together like shitty music and Shitty food. That’s right it’s all really shitty just like the fact that there would be one more week… Fuck, now I want crack.

“I’d murder a Kitten.”
Trent V. – Second Semester – Social Science
Wtf man! what’s up with all this animal anhilation. Who would of thought that so many people would love to hurt an animal. I don’t think I’d ever hurt an animal let alone kill one. I hink that you need therapy and a fucking girlfriend so that you can get your mind off of all that kinky shit.

“Punch a teacher in the face!”
Teresa M.- Second Semester – Engineering
Oh god I hope you get a head start. A running headstart then jumped off a chair and sumo’d that bitch! Sometimes I wish torture was legal that way I can get a hold of one and annoy the shit out of them with my nagging that they’ll retire and have to give me a good grade. So ya. 100% behind you man, Fuck em’ up!

“I’d turn into a bomb and blow up Dawson.”
Christie A. Second Semester – Cin/Vid/Com
First of all, Too soon. Second of all make sure you hit the gymnasiums that way it will hit all the pipes and engineering shit, causing a further explosion, making the most of the school fall down with the rest of it! The only thing I advise, please don’t do it with people in it! Wait till everyone is on leave or enjoying their weekend to nuke the school.

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