Media Night film revisits

Dawson shows 20 previous Cincom videos at screening

by Anna Frey

Staff and students were invited to a screening of last semester’s Media Night short films on Thursday, April 29. Although few took advantage of this cultural activity, those who did were pleasantly surprised.

The event featured over 20 projects from second, third and fourth-semester Cincom students, with styles ranging from documentaries to straightforward narratives, to more experimental works.

The topics of the films were varied and offered a glimpse into the range of personalities and interests of the students who created them.

There were documentaries on safe-injection sites and magicians to shorts featuring talking dogs and promiscuous girls.

The opening segment featured documentaries produced in collaboration with the National Film Board of Canada.

“It’s a big honour because they’re basically of professional quality,” event organiser John Connolly said.

While the majority of films were created without such prestigious backing, each one of them stood out.

“It’s exhilarating to see what 17 – 18-year-olds can do,” Connolly said.

Media Night is always a large event held in Dawson’s theatre and often attracts a lot of viewers. This recap was much less well attended.

“It’s hard to get the word out, especially during the third-to-last week of school,” Connolly commented about the lack of audience members.

Matthew Mancini, a second semester Literature student, lamented the timing of these festival events.

“I would have loved to watch the films presented, but I had class at that time. These events are difficult to attend because they’re right in the middle of when we have the most work to do.”

Media Night is held at the end of each term.

“It’s a pretty good overview of what happens during the term,” Connolly said.


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