Eyes on the DSU

The Union discuss everything from the CEO’s wages to the Humanitarian Aid Trip

by Sean Tepper

The Dawson Student Union (DSU) met for their weekly meeting in 8A.7 where they discussed the Chief Electoral Officer’s wages and the money that was allocated to the Humanitarian Aid Trip.

The meeting began at 6:07 p.m., with a report of the DSU Executive Director and the DSU Executive’s reports. The DSU CEO gave her report on the DSU elections as well as the Student World Outreach referendum and the oversight on the Dawson Hillel Club elections.

The DSU then proceeded to discuss the salary for the services of the CEO that oversaw the elections services and concluded to pay her a little more seeing as how she managed three elections as opposed to one. In particular, they went on to discuss the DSU HumanitarianAid Trip to India that the Executives will embark on, to join a non-profit organization that is based in India. VP Finance, Ariel Charney, donated $5000 of her scholarship money to the first year of the trip in order to establish what she expects to be a yearly endeavor. The executives chose India due to the fact that it provided students with a rich history and an opportunity to discover a new culture.

The executives then agreed to raise the bonus of the handbook designer by a fair amount based on the amount of work that she put into the handbook as well as the extra hours and speed at which she delivered it.

Finally, they voted on sending the money that they raised in the Locks of Love campaign to the charity that it was affiliated with, and they were very proud of the fact that they raised over $1400. Following the discussion of the Locks of Love campaign, they adjourned their meeting.


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