DSU Yearly Wrap Up

From fraud to resignations, the Dawson Student Union (DSU)  has traveled a long road with The Plant
alongside to capture every moment

by Audrey Meubus and Sean Tepper

It has been an eventful year for the Dawson Student Union. Our elected VPs have had their work cut out for them, having to deal with scandals, faulty elections and resignations.

The bulk of troubles began last year when former DSU Prsident Shanice Rose was brought to civil court for embezzling large sums of money from DSU funds. The same year, executive Margo Dunnet was suspected of intercepting and possibly withholding letters and information from the DSU.  When The Plant ran an article investigating these claims and stirred up controversy, Margo Dunnet resigned before matters could escalate.

In late October, a petition demanding a referendum to separate from the CFS (Canadian Federation of Students) came into circulation. Nisha Wootten, the head petitioner and Dawson College student, felt that it was important that her fellow students be able to decide democratically whether or not the DSU should be part of the CFS. The DSU is still waiting for a concrete answer concerning the referendum and when it will be held.

Then it came time for the DSU Fall election. This election took a surprising turn when Nick Shulman, the Chief Electoral Officer, disqualified Cindy Antonacci, one of the candidates for VP of Socio-Cultural activities. This disqualification happened after the DSU President, Carl Perks, who was also Antonacci’s boyfriend, was accused of “promoting” her as a candidate. Perks supposedly did this promotion by bringing a plate of food left over from a meeting to the voting place.

In December, The Plant ran an article entitled “Executive Under Suspicion,” pointing the finger at DSU Executive Secretary Christopher Monette concerning CFS issues.

It was at this time of year that the VP of Recreational Activities, Brian Lapuz, wrote his letter of resignation. His decision was due to his dissatisfaction with “the behavior of the Executive and the lack of oversight in the business conducted by the Union.”

He also urged that the best way to expose CFS bureaucrats would be to organize regular students in grass roots campaigns to oppose imposition of tuition fees and increases.

This spring, the DSU held a short general assembly in the third floor cafeteria to approve their 2009 Auditor’s report and to nominate a new auditor for 2010. For the first time, since its accreditation, the DSU received a clean audit and Levy-Pilotte was elected to take care of the DSU’s 2010 financial matters.

The DSU has the Humanitarian Trip coming up along with many other projects in the near future.

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