Dawson creates

Literary journal attracts many with its mixture of different literature works

by Bryan LeBlanc

C.A.L.L students presented their literary journal, Creations, at Oliver’s last Friday afternoon.

The readings of poetry, short stories, and monologues attracted many people which resulted in  a packed crowd at Oliver’s.

“Making the literary journal is a long and rewarding process,” said Kathleen Carter, Creations’ editor. “[Dawson] Student contribution took a lot of gumption.”

Creations aims to showcase student literary work throughout the semester. It offers a channel in which students can express themselves.

Oreo cookies and maple flavoured Mr. Christie cookies were served along with Diet Coke to sustain the hungry crowd. However, most of the food was untouched, as students were completely focused on reading the semester’s work and the audience was too enthralled by the readings to concentrate on eating.

“The readings were incredible,” said Ashley N., a third semester Commerce student. “I couldn’t believe how good it was.”

Kathleen Carter kicked off the launch herself with a poem and short story of her own.

A monologue entitled “Communism” followed, which along with its delivery, left the crowd silent and shocked.

“The whole launch was terrific, but that Communism monologue was something else,” said Mike D., a second semester Social Science student.  “I didn’t want it to end.”

Unfortunately for the large crowd, the journal’s launch was a brief 45 minutes.

The friendly atmosphere added to the allure as organizers made sure everyone was being taken care of by ensuring their was enough food and drinks.

Editor Kathleen Carter, a Dawson Alumni, is one of 34 contributors to the exclusive journal featuring solely Dawson students.
Creations not only features literature such as short fiction, dramatic pieces and poetry  but also includes photography, and original artworks. It has been publishing students’ work for over a decade.

Contributions for this year have ended, but Creations will be back next year so students who wish to participate can do so next semester.


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