Dawson’s Spring BBQ

The CEGEP holds the annual barbeque with free caricatures, henna tattoo,cheap food and a chance for students to dunk a staff or faculty member

by Hani Kaddah

The annual Dawson BBQ was held yesterday on Campus in collaboration with Social Service Students in order to raise funds for Dans La Rue (DLR).

All funds are going to DLR, except a small portion, which will be kept to pay for the various installments.

It is the first time that Dawson’s Student Affairs has collaborated with Social Service graduating students to complete their end of year project, which consists of organizing an event to raise funds for an organization.

“Social Service students came to us [Student Affairs] and asked for permission to use a facility at Dawson to host their fundraiser. In a joint effort we organized the annual barbeque to raise funds for DLR, ” Recreation Technician Michelle Lee said.

This year, students chose DLR as the organization to raise funds for because they felt it is a growing problem in the city of Montreal.

The number of homeless teens is contantly increasing and they felt that it was a worthy cause to contribute to.

Posters and flyers were distributed at Dawson for students in an effort to raise awareness about this issue.

“Students felt that homelessness was an issue that spoke to them, and that is why they choose DLR, ” Social Service teacher Rosemary Barret said.

The barbeque was postponed because on the original date, the weather wasn’t ideal.

There were many activities for students to participate in. A mechanical bull was in place for any one who dared to ride it and students also had the opportunity to dunk a teacher or a faculty member.

People cheered and laughed when someone fell in the water. Students were also able to buy foods, such as hamburgers, veggie patties and hot dogs for a cheap price.

“The BBQ was great, the weather is beautiful and the food is good. You can also dunk faculty members, what more can you ask for?” fourth semester Social Science student Brian  Dubois said.


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