Christians share the love

Believers of the Christian faith discuss the reasons to why they believe in Jesus Chris

by Jamie Floyd

Dawson’s Christian Fellowship held an event called “Why do I believe,” where pastors and believers joined together with testimonies and personal experiences, last Wednesday in 3D.2. as part of the Dawson Christian Fellowship event.

The event was organized by Amos, a Dawson student, and was aimed towards sharing experiences of faith and stories of encouragement to believers and non-believers alike. Although none of the latter were in attendance amongst the moderate turnout, the  event proceeded as planned.

The event began with Pastor Saul Aronovitch, who described in great detail his journey from Christianity to Judaism.

Born and raised in Chomedy, Laval,  it was not until college that Aronovitch began questioning his faith after meeting his future Christian wife.

“I always have to see it before I believe it,” the Dawson alumni said on his apprehension to believe in Jesus Christ.

When his wife began to consider divorcing him in response to his hesitance in joining the church, Aronovitch began a two-year process of discovering the ties between the two religions with the help of a pastor.

Then, in the midst of a series of unpleasant events, Aronovitch had a breakdown in his car and began praying to Jesus.

“I said ‘Jesus take the wheel,’” said Aronovitch. “Then, I had an overwhelming feeling of comfort;I felt like I was standing on a rock.”
Ever since, the 33-year-old has been a devout believer and a clergyman.

“The rules never changed. You don’t convert, there’s a big connection between Christianity and Judaism,” said Aronovitch. “I still celebrate Jewish holidays.”

The conversation then proceeded with Pastor Willard Warnock who brought the room to an abrupt silence as he explained that faith entails both trusting and believing in Jesus Christ.

“Saul had to test Jesus’ prayer to discover that he was trustworthy,” Warnock said.

“It’s [faith] like a snowball going down a hill. The more it goes, the bigger it gets and the more you believe,” Aronovitch added.

The event concluded with a brief question and answer period followed by refreshments.

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