Word In The Herd

If you could name your only child anything, what would it be?

Daniel G. – Fourth Semester – Cin/Vid/Com
I pray that your first child be a masculine child. If it ends up with two X chromosomes, she better have a Godlike power or at least a hyper-active libido or else she will never get any action. Think of the ego your child is going to have. “I’m the god of thunder”. Ya, more like the God of facial hair! Your kid is going to tickle its way out of the womb, full beard and all.

“The one”
Stefano M. – Second Semester – C.A.L.L.
Calm down Morpheus, you better second thought this one. You’ve named your child after a human waste product. Come on, think about it…it starts with “P” and rhymes with “Iss”.

“Ziggy, it means split in Jamaican”

Abdul H. – Fourth Semester – Commerce
Well, guess what! It’s also the name of a gender bending alter ego from outer space! It’s also the name of a really shit comic strip and a famous homeless man who lives in Toowong, Brisbane, Australia. But it’s okay man, I’m sure they were all sharing your exact thoughts.

“Anything with a click”
Matt Q. – Second Semester – Social Science
Take a shit in your hand and give your self a pat on the face, cause you’re going to hell you sick… what?… Oh you said Click, my bad.

“Mattieus,cause I want him to get laid!”

Fred K. – Second Semester – Buisness
Well Fred, its seems to me like you really need a pee pee touch. You do realize that you need to stick your penis into a WOMAN in order to impregnate them, right?

“Zit, Tit and Syphilis.”
Fred K. – Second Semester – Buisness
I’m fucking ecstatic and relieved that you’re not sure on what name to choose because the way your coming up with these names makes me think you’ve picked them out of a really shitty Dr. Seus book.


Michele H. – Second Semester – Psychology
Very Cute…Or fat, considering that she/he is going to be reminded about your favourite food every time she’s called for dinner. I’m sure you want your child to have the intimidaton of a bunny rabbit because the best move it’s going to have is when it slides out of your buttered vagina.

“Harry Cunt”
Melissa T. – Second Semester – Psychology
Congratulations on winning the mother of the year award…Not! This just goes to show how original you are, naming your baby after the first thing that your doctor says when he lifts up the hospital sheet to reaveal your fantastical poopelu.


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