Some Cheese Please!

The Back-up Plan: quality chick flick

by Katrina Tortorici

The Back-up Plan, released on Friday, April 23, is a borderline cheese fest, but a tasteful one, as it is chock full with adorable scenes, predictable dialogue, and all the clichés in the book…just what a couple of girls would enjoy over a bucket of ice cream.

The film’s tagline says it all: “Fall in love. Get married. Have a baby. Not necessarily in that order.” Zoe (Jennifer Lopez – Selena, Enough, The Wedding Planner) is an independent pet storeowner who has taken care of herself all her life and is determined to move on, regardless of her single status. The movie wastes no time in mulling over Zoe’s intentions of having a baby, as the opening sequence is the artificial insemination in the doctor’s office. The film was off to a good, comedic start. Smiling broadly and floating on air, Zoe was in her own world, until an attractive man with a smart mouth stole her cab on a New York street corner.

It was of course sheer coincidence that brought the two together again one day at a farmer’s market. Stan (Alex O’Loughlin – TV. series Moonlight), the cab hog, turned out to be a passionate cheese farmer with a lot of potential. Much to Zoe’s dismay and simultaneous delight, she fell for him after a few more encounters and a night of wild, extremely hormonal sex in a barn full of over a dozen different types of cheese. More hilarious scenes follow, as the couple experiences things that no new couple could even imagine undergoing in the first few months of their relationship – from witnessing a traumatizing water birth, similar to scenes from The Exorcist, to customizing baby carriages. The story line took an interesting and modern turn on an otherwise typical pregnant-before-marriage movie plot.

Leave out the insemination dilemma and Zoe is easily relatable, due to her trust and commitment issues with men. Lopez is her usual charming and lovable self, loved by the crowd and by the camera, but it was mostly O’Loughlin’s playful character that kept the movie amusing, upbeat, and lively. Although the chemistry was not as undeniable as Ross and Rachael’s, Lopez and O’Loughlin were still utterly charming and wildly entertaining, especially in select few crude scenes.

You’ll find yourself both laughing hysterically and perhaps at times questioning who on earth could have written such banal dialogue. Nonetheless, it’s all in good fun.


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