Questions? Leave it To The Skanks!

Dear Skanks,
I love giving bj’s, but the guys always cum really early, what can I do?
Supahead/Social Science/5th semester

Dear Supahead,
What can you do? Are you serious?! Child, you’re officially the baddest bitch at Dawson. You should write a book, give courses, make videos and appear on Tyra Banks. You’re not the problem, those guys are. You obviously have skills and should continue putting them to good use. Just pick better guys who can hold in their junk. And bitch please write that book!
Xxx Skanks.

Dear Skanks,
If I have sex in a cold environment, will the condom freeze inside me?
Ice-Cold-Bitch/ second semester/Health Science

Dear Ice-Cold-Bitch,
*Sigh, where do I start with this? Well first, no the condom won’t freeze because it’s made of latex. Second, how stupid are you for asking this question? And third, I like yo swag! Having sex outdoors is pretty adventurous. Here I thought Dawson students were too busy having sex at school, but your definetely a trend setter. The heat of your hot bodies with the cold air. Hot!
Xxx Skanks.

Dear Skanks,
I met this guy at a club three weeks ago and we hooked up, but now I’m really crushing on him. Should I call?
Ms. Desperation/third semester /Social Sciences

Dear Ms. Desperation,
Aww I feel bad for you because the fact that you’re thinking of calling him lets me know that you’re psychotic. It’s a one night stand because you guys aren’t ever supposed to hook up afterwards.  EVER! That’s against nature, infact i’m sure in the sluttiest of sub-cultures that’s ILLEGAL. If you call, you’ll just embarrass yourself. If he was into you, he would’ve called. Lesson to girls and gay guys: Don’t call after a one night stand!
Xxx Skanks

Dear Skanks
My boyfriend asks me to call him “Daddy” is it weird?
Daddy’s little girl/second  semester /Arts and Culture

Dear Daddy’s little girl
Yes it is. Really weird! I’m guessing your boyfriend has some control issue. He was probably abused in someway as a chil and now needs you to validate him and make him feel like a man. But really, if this isn’t the case then maybe he’s just into some good-old fashioned role playing. Ain’t nothing wrong with a little student/teacher and incest role playing. You should swallow your pride (and his load) and try it out. If it gets too creepy, then run.
Xxx Skanks


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