Come sit by my fire

MAdM releases her second solo album after six years

by Brian Lapuz

Just releasing her second solo albums, Out of Our Minds (OOOM), Montreal’s red-haired goddess Melissa Auf der Maur (MAdM) judged that it had been time, once more, for us mortals to hear to the sound of rock.

The former bass player for Hole will not disappoint the fans of her first solo album Auf der Maur (2004). MAdM’s bass playing and laid back vocals, alongside the deep sound of the first album’s guitar riffs, are kept in tune in her new album.

What’s even better is that she brings in more head rocking bass lines than before. Likewise, the lyrics in songs like “Out of Our Minds” and “22 Below” are characterized by themes that would leave you wandering into the woods in search of bands of ancient warriors to join. This kind of stuff gives the illusion that her music is metal.

For the lovers of her enchanting and siren-like singing found in her 2004 single “Followed the Waves,” “Out of Our Minds,” “Follow the Map” and “1000 years” from the new album are sure to cause a shipwreck.

OOOM also brings in instrumentals, which are not found in MAdM’s 2004 album.

The instrumental “The Hunt” starts the album off. The song slowly picks up momentum as the pulsing bass crawls towards the climax. After that point, the listener knows she is praying with other hunters in thanks of the mammoth she just killed before it’s consumed.

Other instrumentals are “Lead Horse” and “This Would Be Paradise.” The latter is a tribute to good ol’ Tommy Douglas, father of Canadian Medicare. The instrumental plays Tommy Douglas’ speech “This Would Be Paradise” and paints nothing but wisdom for the imaginative leader he truly was.

Overall, her songs crush the cowardly sounds of the likes of Nickelback. Her weapon of choice: the bass guitar. Let’s all hope we won’t have to wait another six years for more of her music.

Fans can catch her at Heavy MTL this summer. She will be playing with the July 24 lineup.

The OOOM album is also part of a multi-media project which includes a short film and a comic. Visit for more information.


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